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Blade & Soul: Details with regard to Head Start and Launch

It's finally happened, the discharge of Blade & Soul is pending. We'll inform you when it starts and that servers are available.

3 times for the name reservation

Up-date: Meanwhile, the forum article the Community Manager has been re-designed. The times in the article happen to be adjusted.

Relatively early within the next year it comes with Blade & Soul in the very hot phase. After the various beta weekends of the past quickly is the release on the strategy. But when exactly will begin saving the character name? When does the promised Headstart for creators and when does it start? What exactly is the release date of Blade and Soul in European blade & soul gold countries? We have the details for you.

Synonymous reservation begins for the Western servers on Monday, eleven January at 19. 00 clock and then persists regarding 3 days.

Consequently, this particular opportunity ends on Thurs, 14 January at nineteen. 00 clock again.

Precisely one day later, ie upon Friday, 15 January in 19. 00 clock the pinnacle Start begins for all gamers who have secured the appropriate creator package. Whole 3 0.5 days ahead have the purchaser before the ordinary mortals in order to already properly amassing unlawful leveling or illegally projection.

From 19 January, the actual server then opens from 06. 00 clock for many Free2play player and Blade & Soul is regarded as formally published in the West!

Total: three different German-language server, you will see the launch. The Community Office manager points out that one should be the will of his Servers think carefully, because a transfer to another machine will be unavailable at the beginning accessible. The choice is thus -- at least for now - holding. Closes you shortly together with your friends, so that there are absolutely no unnecessary problems. The choices tend to be: Frost Peak, Bamboo Town, Wind pasture.MMOROG Co.,Ltd